The story of my trip around the world to train, teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts.


I hate this knee :-(

This morning in the shower, I took a step to the side and felt pain in my meniscus injury that I have been struggling with since two weeks before the trip.

I am sure it comes from sparring last night, where I rolled with every person on class. They were total beginners most of them and they went all in to try and beat me. Looking back it was probably a bad idea to do that, since they were really pushing and pulling my legs a lot, putting pressure on my knee. At one point, I was in mount with my feet grapewined and my partner kicked his legs out, twisting my knee. I think that was what probably annoyed my meniscus a bit. I should have put ice on it after training even though I didn’t feel anything. I guess I almost forgot about the knee problems for a while, but was certainly reminded today.

I will rest for 3-4 days and hopefully it will be good again. Crossing my fingers!!

Knee probably not as bad as I feared

Just got back from the physiotherapist. She thinks I might have a very small injury on my meniscus, that can get annoyed sometimes if I do a wrong movement. It most definitely comes from the toehold I was put in at a turnament six months ago. I should be able to train on my trip as long as I ice and rest for a few days it if it hurts again. And I should get an MRI scan when I get home in the summer.

So all in all, it is good and bad. I definitely have problems with my knee, but hopefully not so bad that I can’t train during the trip. Any training before I leave is not happening though.

Two weeks of upperbody training coming up!

Knee pain, not good!!! :,-(

I felt my knee was a little sore today when I started training. I don’t recall anything has happened to it, in fact I have been ill since I got back from Portugal so I have only trained once after the Europeans and that was a week ago now.

I thought I would warm it up thoroughly and do some light rolling. The soreness didn’t go away much despite the warmups, and I managed to do a handful of rounds of semi light sparring. Right after the last round that finished up the class, I rolled off my opponent and sat down in a way that put some pressure on my knee, which resulted in a pretty bad pain from the inner meniscus area.

I injured this knee at a competition about six months ago and it had actually gotten pretty good again with lots of rehab training. It has still been a little sore when stretching and so, but nothing close to what I feel today. How can it get so bad, totally out of the blue?? :,-(

I am sitting at home now with an icepack on and is really nervous about how this will affect my trip. I don’t think I will be doing any training for the next two weeks before I leave to be honest. Really bad timing for numerous reasons, but especially because I get a visit from five swedes to my gym Wednesday and I would love to have rolled a bit with them. I’ll go to my physio/magician tomorrow and see what she says.

Really bummed that this happens now, I cross my fingers that it is nothing serious :-/