The story of my trip around the world to train, teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts.

Help me out

Traveling around the world is not cheap, but I am dedicated to making it as cheap as possible. For that to be possible, I really need as much help as possible from people out in the world, who want to support this project. Below, you can see in what areas I can use some help to realize my trip.

This is what it is all about. I need to find the best and most interesting places in the world to train grappling. Can you recommend me anywhere to go? Do you train somewhere super cool? Or maybe have an idea of where it would be good to train?

Also, I am interested in hearing from gyms, where I can train for free, since I will not be able to pay too much for training during my trip. For every place I go, I will write a piece about the gym here in the blog, so you will get some exposure out of it.

Are you interested in having me teach some classes or a seminar at your place, just contact me and we’ll figure something out. I have been teaching BJJ for almost 10 years and still loving it every day. I am not asking for a lot of money to teach, but instead some help with transportation, accomodation and food would do wonders for me.

If you are organizing a competition, I would love to participate. I might not be able to pay to compete, but I can give your event some exposure in my network and here on the blog. Contact me if you are interested!!

I think that transportation from place to place is probably going to be the biggest expense of my trip. If you are going somewhere and I can get a ride, let me know. If you have your own boat, plane or hovercraft, I am also interested in hearing from you.

I will not be able to afford hotels along the way, so I need some places to crash. I am not picky and can sleep basically anywhere. So if you have a couch or similar and live near by a good place to train, let me know! Also, if you can recommend cheap and good hostels to stay at, that would be a big help too.

Any help from sponsors for this trip will be highly appreciated. Money for traveling and competing would be nice, but also I could use some basic stuff like clothes, fightshorts, kimonos, shoes for traveling, internet access, food, etc. Are you interesting in talking to me about a possible sponsorship, please email me!