The story of my trip around the world to train, teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts.


Singapore craziness

Was only in Singapore for a few days, but it ended up being a crazy visit with lots of experiences. I met up with four good friends, with who I had an awesome time. Erik and Liam from my gym in Denmark, Jonathan my gi sponsor from Kauai Kimonos in Bali and Mikkel, who was my little brothers class mate in school 10 years ago and invited us all to stay with him.

Trained in three different gyms, went to the top of one of my favorite buildings in the world, had lots of laughs and a crazy (includes “crazy expensive”) night out. What an experience. I can’t believe how much I get to see on this trip and how many cool people I get to hang out with. I feel so privileged and is enjoying every second of it.

The adventure continues in Bali!

Seminar in Kreation today

Went to Kreation today to do a seminar. It was a big group of really cool and enthusiastic guys. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to roll today since we had a dinner date with our host Mikkel.

Tomorrow it is time for Bali!

Location:Central Blvd,Singapore,Singapore

The amazing around-the-world burger project: Singapore

The burger in Singapore (from “Berg”), was a purple belt with no stripes yet. Being naturally athletic, He was very competitive against any belt level, and proved difficult to handle, even for an experienced burger-grappler as myself. Mastering “the avocado” witness years of training and dedication to the sport.

In the gym he could probably go toe-to-toe with the french guy, but if they met in competition, he would lose due to lack of experience and maturity in his game.

Not bad, Singapore!

Double training in Singapore today

Went to two gyms today here in Singapore. I as invited to come train with the instructors at Evolve MMA this afternoon, and there was no way that I was gonna turn that offer down. It was me, four black belts and three blue belts, so it was really nice to get some high level sparring partners. I still felt a bit tired from the food poisoning, the stomach is not all right yet. Went to the toilet twenty times last night, so not much energy in me. Didn’t plan on going hard with these guys anyways.

I was naturally a bit nervous to walk on the mat today, feeling like I had a target on my back. The guys were super nice though, and the training was great. I got completely owned in sparring, which was, as always, a greet feeling :) I would love to be able to spend some more time training in a place like this, could really improve my game. They put a LOT of pressure on me in the positions, check out my bruised face on the photo haha

Next training was in the evening at Impact MMA. It was a small class with some white belts, a single brown belt and a single purple belt. I rolled with the brown belt and it was awesome. Super technical, back and forth roll. I really enjoyed that, hope I get the chance to roll with him again.

My friends Erik and Liam from my gym in Denmark arrived this morning. They are a bit jetlagged but still managed to finish the training. Tomorrow, I am teaching at Kreation gym and hopefully also have some time to check out this interesting city.

Location:Telok Ayer St,,Singapore

In Singapore

Going crazy, buying expensive watches and all.

Location:Telok Ayer St,,Singapore