The story of my trip around the world to train, teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts.



I almost decided not to go to Hawaii, since the tickets where so expensive because of the Japanese holiday. I am really glad I decided to go anyways.

I bought the ticket two days before getting there, and I knew no one before I came. A week later, I am honored to consider many Hawaiians to be my good friends and I have so many good and valuable experiences with me in the backpack from there.

Yet another world far, far away from home, that proved to possess everything I could wish for. I hope I will be back there one day.

Last day in Hawaii, off to New York!

Today was my last day in Hawaii. Last night, I moved to Ryan’s place. I met him the first day at HMC and he offered me to stay in his apartment right by Waikiki beach.

When I woke up in the morning, I went surfing for an hour, before going to train a little bit with Steve and Victor. After that, I went back in the water for two hours, making sure I got as much as possible out of my last few hours here.

Today’s surfing went good and bad. I broke my own personal record for longest ride, that one today felt like forever. Paddling back out took ages :D I also got some other firsts, such as pissing off a local hawaiian (unintentional of course, probably broke some etiquette lol), cut my open toe on the reef (bad!), saw a huge sea turtle come up for air right next to me, and falling off the board landing balls first on the edge of it. A day of adventure!

In thirty minutes, I am off to the airport for a looong flight to New York.

Location:Kamoku St,Honolulu,United States

Rest day on north side of Oahu

When I woke up this morning, I had a visit from an old friend: Overtraining. Every muscle in my body felt sore and was screaming to me for rest. I have been ignoring my body’s signals for a while, but today I made the decision to listen a little bit, so I skipped all physical activity for the day and just relaxed.

I had so far spent all my time in Waikiki, staying with Steve and had a great time. Staying in the same place is so easy when I have no plans, so I thought I had to push myself to do something different as well. I had met up with Andrew, a half danish guy, surfer black belt and BJJ white belt, who invited me to come over to Kokokahi for a day and check it out. I took the bus there in the evening and spent the night there, during a CRAZY thunderstorm. In the morning, we drove to the north shore, where he was working for a few hours, while I just checked out the area. Went swimming a little bit and walked around too. Very nice, quiet and relaxed compared to busy Honolulu. I also visited a small surfboard factory, very cool to see how they made them.

This evening, I moved again, this time to Ryan’s place. I met him first day in HMC, the place I trained with a ridiculous jet lag, and he invited me to come stay with him. So this is where I will spend my last night in Hawaii, before flying to New York tomorrow! I am flying in the evening though, so there should be time to rent a board and also to roll a little bit before heading to the airport ;)

More white belt surfing, now with HD fisheye cam.

I was really tired in my body when I woke up today. In Japan, I trained like crazy and told myself, that I would rest in Hawaii. That didn’t happen. I feel like I am right on the edge of overtraining, but I keep telling myself “juuust a little bit more” and today I ended surfing for almost two hours. My shoulders and upper back are DEAD from all the paddling. It really takes some time to condition those muscles for this workout, I need to do some more swimming when I get home I think.

It was not the best conditions today. A little much wind and inconsistent waves. I caught a few, but just sitting out there relaxing, talking and learning a completely new skill is exciting enough for me. I feel like a white belt again, eager to learn something new and improve in every single class :) Rylan had a super nice little HD fisheye camera with a suction cup to attach to the surfboard, and I got some fun shots out of it. Lots of video of me falling and getting beat up by huge waves :D

This evening, I moved to the other side of the island to stay with Andrew, who is half Danish. Don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow, but my best guess is that it will involve surfing and/or rolling.

Location:Kaneohe Bay Dr,Kaneohe,United States

A day of surfing and rolling with Rylan

I got a mail on facebook from Rylan Lizares, who runs a gym here in Honolulu called Gracie Technics. He asked me if I wanted to drop by for some training, and of course I cannot say no to that :)

He picked me up early and we went surfing for a few hours before going to the gym. I managed to do my first turtle dive under a big wave. I know it is like a white belt hitting his first sweep, but I was still pretty proud :D not many good waves, but I caught a few. Still learning a lot every time I am out there.

Training was an open mat session with a handful of guys. Rylan has a very, very good game, I was really impressed. Wish I could train more in all these good gyms, but I have to move on, it is the nature of my trip :-/

I have been pushing my body pretty hard lately and I can feel it. I am really sore everywhere, especially shoulders and upper back from all that paddling on the surfboards. Not complaining though! :):)

Location:Waialae Ave,Honolulu,United States

Training at Relson Gracie’s school today, then UFC barbeque!

Victor was kind to pick me up this morning and take me to an open mat session at the Relson Gracie gym. A small group of guys were there and it was a nice little training. I went some good rounds with some very good guys. They did cardio workout with gasmasks on, that was pretty crazy :D don’t know if I will take that idea home haha

After, I went with Steve and his girlfriend to the Kahalu to watch UFC and have a BBQ with some of Steve’s friends. It was cool to watch it live there and the food was great too :)

Tomorrow, more surfing and BJJ is scheduled!!

No BJJ today, climbed 1100 steps and surfed instead.

I thought it would be a good idea to rest my body a little bit today, so I skipped BJJ training. Instead, I walked up Koko Head with Victor, a friend of Jonathan from Kauai Kimonos. He told me it was about 1000 steps, but not that half of them was at a 45 degree angle :D It was a seriously hard climb to the top, but cool view when we got there.

Later, I went surfing with Steve and his girlfriend at Waikiki beach. Beautiful spot. A little bit crowded, but clean water and nice, long waves. With a little coaching from surfing black belt Steve, I learned a lot. In my first attempt, I caught a wave for a looooong ride, definitely personal record. It was awesome! Standing up correctly and balancing on the board comes pretty natural to me now, can’t wait to get in the water again tomorrow.

Waikiki beach then open air training. Not bad day at all.

Today I was hanging out on the beach most of the day, just relaxing and getting things planned out for this visit. I also got a ticket for New York on Wednesday, so will stay here for a week total.

Went to train with Steve today, the guy I am staying with. They got a small group training on a few mats in an open air pavilion. Super nice little place, lots of fresh air and I actually got a tan from rolling there :D Good group, they were quite skilled despite only being four people basically.

Tomorrow, I will hike 1000 steps to top of Koko head, then surf for a few hours before training somewhere in one of the many of gyms here.

Aloha, Hawaii!

Arrived in Hawaii yesterday morning. Lea, a reader of my blog, was kind to pick me up and take me around town a bit. I only slept two hours in the flight and was badly jet lagged, so I was struggling to stay awake. Sitting at the beach, I was zoning out and almost fell asleep. In a moment of weakness and madness, I decided to go train in the afternoon at one of the local gyms, HMC. I was basically a zombie, but somehow managed to complete an entire class and rolled about five rounds. it was actually nice to move around a bit and forget about being sleepy. Rolling with the instructor, Leandro Nyza, I was – like everyone training BJJ repeatedly will – reminded, that no matter how much you train, there is always someone out there, who will completely kill you in sparring and make you look like a useless beginner. Gotta love it.

One of Lea’s friends, Steven, had offered that I could stay in his house. I fell asleep at 9:30 and slept for 12.5 hours. Today I feel better, getting pretty experienced at handling jet lag :) Right now I am sitting at Waikiki beach just relaxing. There is some training going on at 4:30 I think I’ll attend.

There seems to be many gyms on Oahu, so I might have my hands full here. I had considered going to maybe on or two other islands too, but maybe this is enough for one week. I’ll look at some tickets today and see what I can find out. Other than that, plan is to rent a board and spend most of the day surfing. The waves here look really good for a beginner like me :)

Everyone here are really friendly and helpful, can’t wait to see what this week will bring of exciting experiences!

How can an eight hour flight to Hawaii be boring

…when I can play Street Fighter II all the way, oh yeah E. Honda you are going down!!

Going to Hawaii tomorrow!

I have a ticket for Hawaii tomorrow, arriving Thursday morning in Honolulu. I have no idea where to sleep, train or go, but I have gotten pretty confident along my trip, in the fact that things will magically work out by themselves and I should just lean back and enjoy the ride, so that’s what I intend to do :)