The story of my trip around the world to train, teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling arts.

Mission: Get in ridiculously good shape

One of my biggest concerns about this trip is, if I am unlucky enough to get an injury, that will keep me from training. If my knee pops, like I experienced last time I competed, it will pretty much put an end to the training and competing part of my trip, and that would seriously suck. Then I would have to travel the world and get drunk instead of training, imagine that?!!? ;)

Therefore, I have started my program of getting in as good shape as possible before the trip. I wanna be as strong and flexible as I can get in the next four months before I leave, to minimize the risk of potential injuries. I know I can’t travel and train for four months without getting some sort of injuries, but I’ll prepare myself as much as I can, then I guess that the rest is up to chance.

With all this training, I have also lost some weight and is not down to around 78 kilos. Not much, and I know I will lose some on the trip too, so I will try and get to around 82 before I leave, while keeping the same bodyfat percentage as now. All my physical training is being done in our newly opened facility, which is a part of our gym. It is really awesome and inspiring to have a full size training facility for physical training available, it is actually the first time in my entire training career that I have had that. I train three times a week, doing a full body workout with kettlebells, ropes, hammers, etc. and I am very determined to get in the shape of my life for this trip.

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  1. Artofjits

    Fook thats some crazy preparations. I hope it pays off for you. I did something similar but didnt train as consistently and was fortunate not to get too injured.

    Good luck with the huge variation in diet along the way too. Maybe an idea to weigh yourself often if your going to be competing.

    Nov 14, 2010 @ 22:31

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    Jan 08, 2011 @ 20:52